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Our Work - 12 September 2017

A critical perspective on the Reflection Paper on the future finances of the EU

The reflexion paper tabled by the European Commission  end of June provide a picture of a budget that would neglect the economic reality of European agricultural and agri-food businesses and may compromise the goals of responsible environmental stewardship and high-quality food, for all of us. On the 28th June, the European Commission (EC) published a Reflection Paper […]

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GROWTH - 18 May 2017

New Plant-Breeding Techniques: What are we talking about?

New Plant-Breeding Techniques (NBTs) are methods allowing the development of new plant varieties with desired traits, by modifying the DNA of the seeds and plant cells. They are called ‘new’ because these techniques have only been developed in the last decade and have evolved rapidly in recent years. Moreover, as these practices are still continuously […]

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Our Work - 26 April 2017


The political shock of Brexit has yet to be translated in actual economic and commercial terms. The uncertainty as to which will be future model of the trade relationships between the EU and the UK is still paramount. Will we see a hard or a soft Brexit? To which degree will the UK retain access […]

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FOOD CHAIN - 21 March 2017

Forging a new ambition for the EU’s suckler herd

The European beef sector is one of the most important agri-food sectors in Europe. It is characterized by great diversity and it is at the foundation of the economic fabric of many rural areas across the European Union. It provides a great number of jobs at each step of the value chain, from the farm […]

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FOOD CHAIN - 20 October 2016

For a new deal in the EU food chain

Context Agriculture and agri-food constitute, together, one of the European Union’s main economic strengths. With a total turnover of €1 350 billion per year and 14 million jobs, agriculture and agri-food are not only one of Europe’s leading business sectors, but also one of its principal sources of employment. It is second only to the […]

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Our Work - 17 October 2016

Recommandations: How to improve the resilience of the EU agriculture

Agriculture will be faced in the future with growing climate and market volatility. Risk management tools will therfore be necessary to achieve the resilience of the large range of EU agriculture models ; This will not be obtained through a single tool at European level, but through a choice of complementary tools, most of them defined […]

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GROWTH - 12 July 2016

The CAP: Where does the future lie?

The 2014 reform has consolidated the ‘public goods’ component of the Common Agricultural Policy. However, the economic reform of this policy, which remains the primary aim of the common European policy, is still to be finalised. Economic reform is a matter of meeting the most pressing societal challenge: sustainability of production, or, in other words, […]

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