Global Food Forum 2018: Can EU agri-food systems be again the beating heart of the European Union?
17/09/2018 12:30 - 18/09/2018 16:30


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Global Food Forum 2018: Can EU agri-food systems be again the beating heart of the European Union ?

Mezzane Bigli, Pavia (Italy) 17-18 September 2018


    17 September 2018

    12h30 -14h00: Arrival of the participants - buffet lunch 
      14h30 - 14h50: Welcoming words
        14h50-15h50: Opening Statements
          16h00 – 18h00: Panel & debate: Which policies, Which agriculture for Which Europe to boost economic growth and environmental sustainability?
            18h00 – 18h30: Closing remarks
              18h45-19h45: Networking coktail
                19h45-22h30: Gala dinner

                18 September 2018

                9h00 – 12h30: Thematic workshops

                IMPORTANT: Each participant will have the possibility to participate to two different workshops. Please give us your preferred topics by  ranking the following workshops from 1 (your preferred choice) to 5. Based on your choice and on the language available we will organise the groups.

                • EU budgets: securing financial levers, providing efficient means for an ambitious transition of food systems and rural economies

                  Resilience: striking the right balance between entrepreneurial and EU public responsibilities to cope with uncertainty

                  Sectorial agri-food strategies: designing the right policy mix between EU, national and regional levers for growth and sustainability

                  Food Chain: which regulation to enhance solidarity spirit from farms to shelves

                  From Brexit to a potential mini-TTIP: which coherent trade strategy for the EU agri-food systems?

                12h30 – 14h00: Buffet Lunch
                  14h00 – 14h30: CAP reform: Challenges not to be missed!
                    14h30 – 16h00: Roundtable discussion – A performant CAP for double performant EU agri-food systems
                      16h00 – 16h30: Concluding remarks
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                      The 2018 Global Food Forum will take place on the 17-18 September 2018, focusing on “Can EU agri-food systems be again the beating heart of the European Union ?. Discussions will take place in a typical farmhouse in the heart of Lombardy countryside, close to Pavia (Italy). 

                      The  Forum will start on Monday, 17th of September at 12h30 with an informal lunch among participants allowing an initial round of exchanges. The afternoon plenary session and roundtable will focus on strategies and policies to reposition agri-food systems as the beating heart for the future of the European Union and the European citizens.
                      On Tuesday, 18th, discussions among participants will be developed throughouts the 5 World-café workshops held in parallel, assessing the best ways and means to achieve this goals through Double Performance, Innovation, Sustainability, high level of Resilience and… effective and efficient policies.
                      The 2018 Global Food Forum will end with a wrap up roundtable discussion with key representatives of EU co-legislators and Agri sectors drawing performant EU policy for double performant EU agri-food systems.
                      Since 2016, the Global Food Forum has involved each year  key political and economic decision makers across the European Union in a participatory process, more needed than ever to unfreeze the debate at EU level and set up the foundations of a renewed ambition of EU policies having an impact on agri-food systems. Held in North Italy, the GFF gathers under the Chatham house rules a limited number of economic and decision makers taking stock willing to design the future of the EU agri-food systems and related EU policies. Each year, the conclusions and recommandations of the Forum are presented in Brussels at the European Parliament.
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                      Confirmed speakers:
                      Dacian Ciolos, former Prime Minister and Commissioner for Agriculture
                      Gian Marco Centinaio, Italian Minister for Agriculture
                      Stéphane Travert, Minister of Agriculture and Food, France 
                      Jean Arthuis, MEP, President of the Budget Committee of the European Parliament
                      Paolo De Castro, MEP, rapporteur on the Unfair Trade Practices
                      Michel Dantin, MEP, EPP shadow rapporteur on the CAP reform
                      Pilar Ayuso, MEP, EPP
                      Lara Comi, MEP, EPP 
                      Angelo CioccaMEP, ENF
                      Alberto CirioMEP, EPP 
                      Jean Baptiste Moreau, Membre of the Parliament (République en Marche, France)
                      Lucilla Sioli, Director at the European Commission (DG CONNECT)
                      Jiri Sir, State Secretary (Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Czech Republic)
                      Brendan Gleeson, Deputy Secretary General (Ministry of Agriculture, Ireland)
                      Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura
                      Pierre Bascou, Director at the European Commission (DG AGRI)
                      Ioannis Koufoudakis, President of GAIA
                      Tassos Haniotis, Director at the European Commission (DG AGRI)
                      François Schmitt, President of Groupama
                      Zoltan Somogyi, Head of Unit at the European Commission (DG TRADE)
                      Rafael del Rey, Director General, Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV)
                      Jean Cordier, Economist INRA Agro-Campus
                      Philippe Pinta, President of Unigrains
                      Eric Lainé, President of CIBE
                      Simo Tiainen, Director of MTK
                      Catherine Lion, Director General FNSEA
                      Piero Gattoni, CEO of CIB
                      Arnaud Rousseau, President of Avril
                      Jan Dolezal, SG of AKCR
                      Henri Brichart, Vice-President of FNSEA
                      Philippe Ruelle, DG of Fruidor
                      Attilio Zanetti, CEO Zanetti Spa – Vice President EDA 
                      Eddie Punch, SG ICSA
                      Thierry Coste, President of Wine WG Copa-Cogeca
                      Andrea Gavinelli, Head of Unit – European Commission (DG Sante)
                      Felice Assenza, Director General (Ministry for Agriculture, Italie) 
                      Bruce Zanin, Minister Counselor for Agriculture (US Embassy to the EU) 
                      Eduardo Diniz, Director General (Ministry of Agriculture, Portugal)
                      Elisabetta Falchi, Member of Executive Board, Confagricoltura 
                      Matteo Lasagna, Member of Executive Board, Confagricoltura
                      Giovanna Parmigiani, Member of Executive Board, Confagricoltura
                      Rosario Rago, Member of Executive Board, Confagricoltura
                      Giordano Emo Capodilista, Member of Executive Board, Confagricoltura
                      Esperanza Orellana Moraleda, General Director for agricultural production and markets, (Ministry of agriculture, fishing and food, Spain)



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