Who we are


Yves Madre

Yves is an agronomist and economist. He was senior advisor to European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development during the last CAP reform. Before that Yves worked in the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Paris, and advised food companies and governments in London, Brussels, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. He has an in-depth knowledge of international negotiations, agriculture and food policies.

João Pacheco

Former Deputy Director General in DG AGRI, João is a prominent partner and contributor to Farm Europe. Joao has held multiple top-level positions in the European Commission in DG AGRI. He has also served as European Union Ambassador to Brazil. Joao has extensive experience in multilateral and bilateral trade relations. He brings over 30 years of top European government trade and agriculture policy as well as private sector experience.

Horacio Gonzalez Aleman

Horacio Gonzalez Aleman is a Lawyer and Postgraduate in European Studies and Agri-food Business. He brings over more than 25 years of experience in Food Chain issues after serving different positions in Food & Drink Industry Organizations, both at national and European level, as well as in the OECD ( BIAC). He has an in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs, internal market and economic issues affecting the Food Industry.


Antonella has an extensive experience as political advisor on agriculture, trade and energy issues. She worked at the U.S. Mission to the EU as agriculture specialist and she has a ten-year experience as a political advisor at the European Parliament.
From 2009 to 2014 she served as chief advisor to the Chairman of Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament.

Szabolcs Zoldreti

Szabolcs has a Master’s degree in Law from the Eötvös Loránd University and a diploma in International relations and diplomacy studies from the College of Europe. He has a clear sight on the EU’s policies regarding the interconnections and interactions between energy and environmental issues in agriculture and forestry. He is experienced in the usage and functioning of different international development aids and project management.

Giacomo Guala

Italian, with international experiences, Giacomo holds a Master degree in European Affairs from the University of Lille, France.
He previously graduated from the University of Trieste in International studies and diplomacy and worked as a policy advisor assistant in his Region of origin, Piedmont, where he approached the European dimension of politics in the fields of agriculture, climate, and environment.
He is interested in the political balances at the European level and in the analysis of the international political issues in the Agri-food sector. His focus is on nutritional policies & public health.

Morgane Schnöller

Morgane is an agricultural engineer, specialising in social sciences and agronomy. Her background allows her to synthesise agricultural development, environment, resource management and territorial projects. At Farm Europe, she is in charge of agricultural and digital transition and strategic analysis of the development of agricultural and agri-food sectors.

Claudia D’Agostini

Former Schuman Trainee at the Secretariat of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, Claudia holds a Master’s degree in International Security Studies from Sant’Anna (Italy) School of Advanced Studies, where she graduated with a thesis on the impact of Covid-19 on global food security. At Farm Europe, she follows legislative developments on energy matters at the EU level.

Noelia Souto

Noelia completed her Bachelor studies in International Relations in Madrid.
She has experience working in communications and projects in the fields of renewable energies, sustainable development and farming. Before Farm Europe, she worked for a European program and a Spanish multinational.
Her focus relies on content creation and strategic communication through the use of digital platforms, following her interest in writing and graphic design.

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