Posted on 24/06/2022 - By Farm Europe

The advancement of gender equality is today a major goal in the Member States & the EU Institutions. Following this spirit, and in order to guarantee the principles of equality between women and men and equal pay for equal work, Farm Europe’s Gender Equality Strategy presents the main objectives and indicators for the 2022 – […]

Posted on 06/05/2022 - By Eat Europe

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) released its scientific opinion on the guidelines for nutrient profiling, i.e., “the classification of food based on their nutritional composition for specific purposes”. This opinion aims to set the scientific basis for the set up a harmonized European front-of-pack labelling system (FOPL). But the European agency states it in a very […]

Posted on 04/05/2022 - By Farm Europe

Joe Biden just decided a few days ago to increase the blending of biofuels in the United States to step up the climate ambition and help the American families struggling with high pump prices. At European level, key negotiations are taking place now, and the pressure from NGOs lobbying for a radical 100% electro-mobility is […]

Posted on 20/04/2022 - By Farm Europe

Strategic priorities Sweden’s strategic plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reflects a high level of ambition for agricultural policy in the years 2023-2027, both in terms of increasing the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the sector, and in terms of prioritizing animal welfare and increasing ambition in the environmental and climate fields. The aim […]

Posted on 11/04/2022 - By Farm Europe

April 2022 Despite the Covid crises, the war developing in Ukraine and the fears of food shortages in Europe and neighbours’ countries, the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) is and remain a flag-ship project of the current European Commission in the context of the Green Deal.  If this political orientation was broadly welcomed and supported […]

Posted on 28/03/2022 - By Farm Europe

ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to open the debate on the European state of art on the nutritional and market tools implemented by public policies. Improvement of mortality rate from Non-Communicable Disease (which are very much linked to nutrition habits) has gained relevance at the UN level, with one of the Sustainable Development […]