Posted on 31/03/2021 - By Farm Europe

For those who are not familiar with the Taxonomy Regulation, it aims at “launching an ambitious and comprehensive strategy for sustainable finance with the aim of redirecting capital flows to help generate sustainable and inclusive growth”. A draft Delegated Act “establishing the technical screening criteria for determining the conditions under which an economic activity qualifies […]

Posted on 05/03/2021 - By Farm Europe

March 2021 Abstract This paper aims to cast a light on the nexus between the profitability of rural livelihoods and biofuels within the EU. In doing so, it focuses on putting the deep and structural relationship between rural labour and biofuels into a data driven perspective to highlight what is rarely discussed: the low wages […]

Posted on 02/03/2021 - By Farm Europe

The EU agri-food promotion policy is a very important tool to expand sales and increase penetration in international markets. In the current times, marked by the negative effects of the Covid-19 crisis in some key sectors and uncertainty on the future outlook, farmers are even more eagerly reliant upon the boost that promotion programmes bring […]

Posted on 24/02/2021 - By Farm Europe

The Green Energy Platform, launched in the summer of 2017, brings together the players in the agricultural sector that see European agriculture not only as a source for food and feedstocks but also as a green energy supplier.  We would like to draw the attention on the contribution and importance of this critical European infrastructure […]

Posted on 23/02/2021 - By Farm Europe

The Commission has just published a Communication on the EU Trade Policy Review. The fundamental approach to trade issues is kept unchanged. The key word is openness: “The EU is built on openness, both internally and externally. It is the biggest exporter and importer of goods and services worldwide.” The Covid crisis talk on relocalisation […]

Posted on 03/02/2021 - By Farm Europe

February 3, 2021 The European Commission is about to publish its Strategy for Beating Cancer. The document that gives the political direction of the EU’s action in the fight against cancer is complete and takes into consideration the different phases of the diseases, together with the livelihood of the patient (survivors, carers, their families, etc.). […]

Posted on 12/01/2021 - By Farm Europe

The negotiation of a post- Brexit Trade Agreement with the UK has finally been concluded at the eleventh hour, after years of up and downs. Farm Europe has from the outset closely analysed the consequences of Brexit, and raised the attention of the sector and decision-makers to its large impact. Our assessment is clear: the […]