Posted on 21/03/2018 - By Joao Pacheco

The good news is that an agreement was found on the Brexit transition period, lasting through end 2020. Till then the UK will be part of the EU Customs Union and Single Market, so there will be no disruptions to trade on agri-food products between the EU27 and the UK. Definitely that is good news, […]

Posted on 08/03/2018 - By Farm Europe

Presentation of the outcomes and recommendations of the Global Food Forum 2017 Opening speech of Michel DANTIN, MEP.  Mr. President, Dear colleagues and friends, I am pleased to welcome you here today at the European Parliament and to present the recommendations of the 2017 Global Food Forum, which brought us together in Italy last October. […]

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Présentation des résultats et recommandations du Global Food Forum 2017 Discours d’ouverture de Michel DANTIN, MPE. Monsieur le Président, Chers collègues et amis, Je suis ravi de vous accueillir aujourd’hui au Parlement européen pour cet événement de rendu des recommandations du Global Food Forum 2017, qui nous avait réunis en octobre dernier en Italie. Nous […]

Posted on 07/03/2018 - By Farm Europe

PRESS RELEASE Brussels, 7 March 2018. On March 6th 2018, Farm Europe presented at the European Parliament in Brussels the results and recommendations of the Global Food Forum 2017, which draws on a year of consultations and discussions among stakeholders. “We need a truly common European approach to build a shared ambition, to secure the […]

Posted on 20/02/2018 - By Valeria D'Agostino

Brussels, February 20th.  As a continuation of a previous discussion (January 29th) on the future of Europe’s post-2020 agricultural policy among the European Agriculture Ministers, the Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) chaired by Bulgarian Minister for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Mr. Porodzanov, was held yesterday, February 19th 2018 in Brussels. It represented a second thematic […]

Posted on 12/01/2018 - By Valeria D'Agostino

Is there a strategy which combines the need to finance new challenges by recognizing the importance and role of “the elephants in the room” ? Brussels, January 11th. On January 8th and 9th, after the Christmas break, and ahead of the College debate on the European Union’s budget, EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger launched a high-level conference on […]

Posted on 22/12/2017 - By Joao Pacheco

The recent agreement between the European Commission and the UK on the first phase of the Brexit negotiations is good news. Assuming that Brexit is not reversible, having the best possible understanding on the future relationship is in the interest of the EU27 and its agri-food sector. The agreement on the first phase opens up […]

Posted on 07/04/2017 - By Luc Vernet & Valeria D'Agostino

This week, the European Parliament voted on a report “calling on the European Commission to take measures to ensure among others the phasing out of palm oil in biofuels by 2020 and a single certification scheme for palm oil entering the EU market”. This report tackled the highly debated issue of imported palm oil, and […]

Posted on 06/04/2017 - By Joao Pacheco

Dark clouds are gathering over the horizon, and they are not promising healthy showers. They rather risk bringing a storm that is gaining strength around the new US Administration intentions. A border adjustment tax, or an internal revenue tax mechanism, is being considered to promote exports and tax imports. Another tool being examined would tackle […]

Posted on 12/03/2017 - By Joao Pacheco

 This question is on the minds of many, farmers and others in the agri-food sector alike. They question whether it is worthwhile to start debating, preparing a new CAP reform when the current policy is barely on its third year of implementation. That does not mean that people think the current policy offers full satisfaction. […]