Digital Agriculture Platform – 2nd meeting
Bonifiche Ferraresi, Società Agricola, Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara, Italy)
03/06/2019 15:00 - 04/06/2019 13:00


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The Digital Agriculture Platform (DAP) will host its 2nd meeting “in the field” very soon!

Our plans for this 2nd meeting are a visit of the venue Bonifiche Ferraresi, Società Agricola during the first day, followed by a roundtable to assess and discuss the preliminary results that emerged from the pilot projects that already exist and that could feed the discussion around the CAP reform process, on the second day. Presentation and discussion on specific indicators able to show the outcomes obtained by farmers during the transition towards more sustainable systems will follow.

The venue Bonifiche Ferraresi, Società Agricola: 

An Italian agricultural company of 6,500 hectares, created in 1871 and currently active in the cultivation and marketing of agricultural products such as rice, maize, durum and soft wheat, barley, sugar beets, alfalfa, soya, vegetables, medicinal plants and fruit, which are distributed throughout the national territory. Furthermore, with the presence of an eco-zootechnical district with over 4600 stable places, Bonifiche Ferraresi has the ambition to become the largest fattening cattle farm in northern Italy.


The 1st DAP meeting which took place last year on 26th November in Pomerols, (France) was: (1) an opportunity to exchange views on the vision of smart/precision farming according to different actors’ perspectives, and (2) to discuss about the positioning of the platform and the needs for political and regulatory active presence in order to both boost and maximise the opportunities of digital agriculture.

Overall, the Platform’s reflection process is a key part of Farm Europe’s current analysis on the economic and environmental performance of the main agri-food systems, which is based on concrete data in order to appreciate fully the contribution of different agri-food systems and to build public policies’ proposals which are able to encourage a transition towards more sustainable systems.

During the DAP’s launching event, the participants had also the opportunity to visit the Mas Numerique SupAgro, which works as a “pilot farm” to test technologies applied to vineyards.

More than 15 companies and organisations attended the meeting, representing most of the agri-food sectors and key actors of the on-going process of digitisation of the sector.


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