Global Food Forum 2024
Brussels, Belgium
13/02/2024 16:00 - 14/02/2024 16:00
Organised by : Farm Europe
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    February, 13th & 14th, 

    in Brussels, Belgium

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      • Both days (from February 13th to February 14th)

        Only the second day (February 14th)

      DAY 1 - Tuesday, February 13th

      From 4.00 pm – Arrival of participants : Registration


      5.00 to 7.00 pm – Opening of the GFF 2024: “Sovereign, Protective, Sustainable, and Prosperous Europe: Agriculture at the Core of Challenges”


      7.00 to 10.00 pm –  Gala dinner

        Day 2 - Wednesday, February 14th

        09.00 am to 12.30 pm – Four working sessions in parallel


        Important: Each participant will have the possibility to participate in only one workshop on Day 2 (February 14th). Please choose your preferred one.

        Based on your choice and on the language available we will organise the groups.

          • Working session 1 –

            Animal products: a key role in nutritional balance and sustainability

            Working session 2 – Bioeconomy, food and sovereignty

            Working session 3 – Production, sustainability and sovereignty : three aspects of the same challenge

            Working session 4 – EU30: Achieving Enlargement

          12.30 pm to 2.00 pm – Lunch


          2.00 to 4.00 pm – Closing session of the GFF 2024: Hearings of the European political parties : Food, environment, territories, climate, economy, social realities, what stakes for European agriculture ?



          Practical information will be provided at the next step of the registration process.

          To cover organisational costs including translation and catering fees, the price of the 2-day event is 280EUR. The price for the second day only (February 14) is 190EUR.

          The price does not include accommodation, but it does include a gala dinner on February 13 and lunch on February 14, as well as refreshments and coffees.

          For any details before finalising the registration process do not hesitate to contact us at

          Thank you for your subscription at the GFF 2024!

          You will be soon contacted by the Farm Europe’s team for more details.

          See you soon !

          Over the past four years, several crises have significantly impacted our world, prompting a reassessment of the European Union’s sovereignty in the face of current challenges. As we approach the European elections, it becomes crucial to outline a strategic vision for Europe that will shape our direction from 2025 onward, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of Europeans. 

          This strategic vision must focus on enhancing our capacity to provide sustainable solutions for the food, bio-economy, and energy needs of the Europeans. Simultaneously, we must acknowledge our responsibility to address global food requirements. Leveraging European expertise, we should integrate production and economic efficiency, secure our food supply and well-being, safeguard the environment and fight climate change. 

          These pivotal challenges will be the central themes of the 7th edition of the Global Food Forum, titled “2024 : Time for an ambitious European farm deal !”. Farm Europe aims to gather European political leaders, key figures from European institutions, national ministers, business leaders, and members of civil society during this event.

          If you wish to participate in these two days of reflection where recommendations will be crafted, please register via the above link.

          Confirmed Speakers : 

          • David Clarinval, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Belgium
          • Wolfgang Burtscher, Director general, DG for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission
          • Dacian Ciolos, Member of the European Parliament, former European Commissioner, and Prime Minister
          • Anne Sander, Member of the European Parliament (EPP), 1st quaestor of the parliament
          • Clara Aguilera, Member of the European Parliament (S&D), S&D Comagri Coordinator
          • Marie Pierre Vedrenne, Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe), Vice-President of the INTA Committee
          • Irène Tolleret, Member of the European Parliament (Renew Europe)
          • Norbert Lins, Member of the European Parliament (EPP), President of COMAGRI
          • Paolo De Castro, Member of the European Parliament (S&D), former Minister of Agriculture
          • Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament (EPP), EPP COMAGRI Coordinator
          • Peter Jahr, Member of the European Parliament (EPP)
          • Franc Bogovic, Member of the European Parliament (EPP)
          • Claire Bury – Deputy Director-General for Food Sustainability, DG SANTE, European Commission
          • Catherine Geslain-Laneelle, Director of Strategy and Political Analysis, DG AGRI – European Commission
          • Ettore Prandini, President Coldiretti
          • Arnaud Rousseau, President FNSEA
          • Nazar Bobitski, EU Office Director, Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB)
          • Benjamin Lammert, President FOP
          • Elli Tsiforou, CEO Gaia Epicheirein
          • Eric Thirouin, President AGPB
          • Martine Leguille-Balloy, President FICT
          • Franck Sander, President CGB
          • Piero Gattoni, President Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) 
          • Dimitris Kapnias, Senior Manager, Neuropublic
          • Cristina Cionga, Deputy Managing Director, The Forum of Professional Farmers and Processors from Romania
          • Emmanuel Coste, Confédération Nationale de l’élevage
          • François Schmitt, President Groupama


          Other events

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          , du 17/05/2017 10:30 to 17/05/2017 12:30

          This event will be an opportunity to better understand the potential risks and benefits of the new plant breeding techniques thanks to a direct discussion with well-known scientists. This event will shed light on the challenges in relation to the on going discussions around the future of plant improvements at European level and in EU Member States. 


          Securing EU farmers in an open world: the next step to improve risk and crisis management tools

          European Parliament, Brussels, du 29/11/2018 08:00 to 29/11/2018 09:30

          Farm Europe is pleased to invite you to a breakfast event “Securing EU farmers in an open world: the next step to improve risk and crisis management tools” which will be held on Thursday 29 November 2018 from 8h00 to 9h30 at the European Parliament in Brussels, room JAN6Q1, under the patronage of MEP Peter Jahr. The discussion will be […]