ScaleAgData kickoff meeting
24/01/2023 10:00 - 27/01/2023 10:00
Organised by : ScaleAgData


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Farm Europe participated at the kickoff meeting of the ScaleAgData Horizon Europe research project, which aims to create better data products & services by combining farm sensor data and Earth observation (EO) data.

An underexploited source of data is generated by sensors used in agriculture, as they capture crucial information on the crops and the surrounding agri-environmental conditions. Tapping into this source and upscaling them through the integration with other data (e.g. satellite) could result in enhanced capacities for regional agri-environmental monitoring. Given that there is a severe reference-data gap on a local & regional level, there is still a huge potential to unlock of EO & agricultural data from in-situ sensors!

The goals of the project is to make the data count by gaining insights in the governance of complex agri data streams, as well as in upscaling them. Innovation is foreseen for sensor technology, data analytics & EO products.

With these outcomes, ScaleAgData aims at contributing to the overall competitiveness and sustainability performance of the European agricultural sector, and to the work of the HE candidate partnership “Agriculture of Data” and the Soil Mission.

The ScaleAgData consortium consists of 25 partners that represent research institutes and infrastructure providers, technology and agri-tech SMEs, machinery producers and EO service providers, think tanks, insurance companies and data integration companies from across Europe.

For Farm Europe’s other agri data related research initiative see DIVINE.

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