Time for a bold protein strategy for Europe

In a significant move, the European Parliament has endorsed its own initiative report on the European protein strategy. This report underscores the importance of amplifying the production of protein sources within the EU’s agricultural sector. It emphasizes prioritizing natural agricultural proteins over synthetic alternatives or continued dependence on imports from Latin America.

While this report holds a non-binding legal status, it serves as a powerful signal to the European Commission. It highlights the urgency for the European Union to step up its efforts. These recommendations should be integral to the forthcoming draft of the European protein plan expected for 2024. Given that this will mark the Sixth protein strategy in less than three decades, it’s high time for substantial progress!

The resolution unequivocally advocates for enhancing all protein sources originating from the EU agricultural sector. This approach aims to bolster robust production of essential elements such as food, feed, and energy, which mutually complement one another.

A proposal advocating for a reduction in meat production and consumption was resolutely dismissed. In parallel, Members of the European Parliament stress the significance of supporting new breeding techniques to boost innovation in the seed sector.

When it comes to cellular products, the Parliament underlines that cell-based food entails ethical, social, environmental, and economic challenges. It further notes that the current Novel Foods Regulation is not fit for purpose.