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GROWTH - 1 July 2019

New Breeding Techniques: strong support at the romanian informal meeting

by Farm Europe


An informal meeting of EU Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries was held at the beginning of June in Romania. Among the main topics on the agenda, agricultural research & innovation was central. MEP De Castro made a point on NBTs by highlighting their “substantive sustainability potential”.

EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis never misses a chance to reiterate his positive attitude and overall support for NPBTs. “A new EU legislation that considers the latest advanced technologies is needed” he pointed out.

The Commissioner also took part in CRISPRcon 2019 event organized by Wageningen University, during which farmers, scientists, government officials, business owners, NGOs, industry representatives, theologists, biotech companies, were able to exchange opinions, ideas and concernson the latest developments in the gene editing field and overall its policy future (i.e. applications, regulatory aspects, etc.).

Finally, new, potential “upgrades” of CRISPR gene editing technique are taking ground on the other side of the Atlantic.


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Written by Farm Europe