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GROWTH - 2 May 2019

New Breeding Techniques: a new regulatory framework is needed

by Farm Europe


Persistent concerns but mainly doubts over what the ECJ ruling on NBTs actually means in concrete terms for Member States, are far from being exhausted. At the same time, many research projects of gene-editing adoption in both crops and farm-animals are taking place on both sides of the ocean.

A recent study requested by the European Parliament highlighted the potential of CRISPR-Cas9 approach as being “a substantial contribution towards a better targeting application and reduction of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides”.

News from abroad: new genome-editing technique discoveries which go beyond established methods and target commercial crops varieties show the first promising results.

Finally, few weeks ago, EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis stated once again his opinion on New Plant Breeding Techniques, which, he said “need a new regulatory framework that takes into account the latest advanced technologies”.A similar reaction also from the EP side by MEP Paolo De Castro, who declared that genome editing is going to be “high” on next Parliament agenda.


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Written by Farm Europe