Dairy package II: What hope for the dairy sector ?
Six months after a first package of measures, the Commission has announced a second package of measures at the Council of Agriculture Ministers. Will this package do anything to improve the very difficult situation that European farmers have been enduring for months now?
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Posted on 24/06/2016 - By Yves Madre & Luc Vernet

Of course, CAP can definitely face technically and financially, the choice of the UK to leave the European Union. However, it must, above all, draw the necessary political conclusions. It is urgent for the EU to assume daily its true responsibilities, and especially to support, one of the greatest achievement of European integration: the Common […]

Posted on 26/05/2016 - By Farm Europe

26.05.2016 – Brussels. Today, Farm Europe hosted a reflection group on the situation of the global milk market, gathering key players and high representatives on both EU and global milk markets. The milk crisis is entering its second consecutive year, with no hope of a recovery in the short term. Farms are disappearing daily. If […]

Posted on 25/05/2016 - By Yves Madre

While the debate on the necessary evolution of the future CAP is about to rebound, thanks to the informal Council of agricultural ministers and to the Dutch presidency, this weekend, it is a good opportunity to come back on the discussion that has been on going around Farm Europe activities for now more than one […]


Science, Media and Decision-Makers on Nutrition and Health

Press Club Brussels Europe ,du 15/06/2016 12:30:40 to 15/06/2016 15:00:07

Under the patronage of Ms Pilar Auyso and Ms Angelique Delahaye MEPs, the event will provide an opportunity to debate with Academics, Media Representatives and Decision-Makers. The panel discussion will be moderated by Horacio Aleman. It will include: Frederic Simon (chief editor at Euractiv), Christopher Emsden (Journalist who covered economic policies for the Wall Street Journal, the Economist Intelligence […]


EU-Mercosur FTA: what is at stake?

,du 11/05/2016 10:00:00 to 11/05/2016 12:30:00

The EU-MERCOSUR Free Trade negotiations were launched by the end of 1995, more than 20 years ago. The stop and go pattern reached a high go point in 2004 when both the EU and the then 4 Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) got very close to concluding the deal.

The CAP can cope with a Brexit
Blog - Posted on 22/06/2016 - By Luc Vernet

A Brexit would not be a serious blow for the CAP from a budgetary point of view, taking into account the British rebate and the return on contributions level: the CAP is the policy area to which the UK is the least net contributor. The impact of a Brexit would be first and foremost concentrated on […]

New Normal : Sustained low agricultural prices or more volatility ?
Blog - Posted on 25/05/2016 - By Lars Hoelgaard

On May 3 Farm Europe hosted a debate on how Climate Change is impacting agriculture and food systems in a world experiencing more instable and volatile markets. The background was an event under the Heading ”Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game” which took place Washington, D.C in November 2015, and where Farm Europe […]