Risk and crisis management tools in Agriculture *Monthly News* March-April 2019

Risk and crisis management tools in Agriculture *Monthly News* Time period: March-April 2019     The Member of the Agricultural Committee voted on April 8ththe Horizontal Regulation which is the cornerstone of the reform package of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) proposed by the Commission. The concept of a new agricultural reserve, well-funded and more reactive, has been endorsed by the EP Committee by a […]

Wine sector *Monthly News* April 2019

Wine sector: Policy & Regulatory framework *Monthly News* Time Period: April 2019   This month started withthe awaited votes of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee (ComAgri) on negotiation positions on the CAP post-2020 reform package, namely the new EU rules for the Common Market Organisation in agricultural products (April 1), the CAP Strategic Plans (April 2) […]

NBT’s * Monthly News * March-April 2019

New Breeding Techniques *Monthly News* Time Period: March – April 2019   Persistent concerns but mainly doubts over what the ECJ ruling on NBTs actually means in concrete terms for Member States, are far from being exhausted. At the same time, many research projects of gene-editing adoption in both crops and farm-animals are taking place on […]


FICHE FOOD CHAIN, NUTRITION AND WELLBEING.   The European food chain is facing a big challenge, which is to find a harmonious and positive relationship between diet and health. This is mainly due to the fact that, the EU agro food model is constantly evolving and improving, and its relationship with health issues is becoming […]


FICHE ENVIRONMENT AND AGRICULTURE   The EU has pledged to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Agriculture and agro-forestry have an important role to play to sequester and store carbon, and there is scope to reduce emissions using more efficient and sustainable production methods. Also reducing water pollution, soil erosion and preserving […]


FICHE AGRICULTURE ECONOMIC CHALLENGES   Farmers’ incomes, productivity and investment The agriculture sector is facing severe headwinds. Farmers’ incomes have stagnated, and according to the European Commission forecasts they are bound to drop by a staggering 14% (in real terms) in the next decade, taking into account the European Commission initial Common Agriculture Policy reform […]

Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests

Communication from the European Commission Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests.   2019, July 24th   After last December’s announcement of the EU’s initiative to “step up European Action against Deforestation and Forest Degradation”, the European Commission has published yesterday its Communication“ on stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s […]