Agri-Fisherie Council: welcomed progress… but still a lot of work ahead

Delegations held an exchange of views on the Presidency progress report. European Agriculture Ministers broadly welcomed the report, saying that it accurately reflects the state of play in negotiations on the CAP reform package, while simplifications introduced for the New Delivery Model (performance clearance & average unit amounts) were going in the right direction. There […]

MEASURES&IMPACTS RELATED TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS: process still ongoing for the wine sector

There is an arm wrestling match between the European Commission and the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament on delegated acts for exceptional market measures for the wine sector. MEPs objected to one of the acts in order to obtain more ambitious support, notably for the wine and fruit and vegetable sectors. The Commission announced […]

Agri-Fisherie Council: a much requested impact assessment

After a presentation of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies by Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski and Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides, agriculture ministers held an exchange of views on these two strategies of the Green Deal. As the Council Presidency explained in its information note, “the Commission highlights the relevance of the […]

Negotiations on CAP reform: start of trilogue’s negotiations on the transitional regulation

May was marked as follows: At the level of the European Parliament, the Agriculture Committee’s mandate for the transitional regulation was adopted by the plenary and trialogue negotiations have started. The European Commission presented its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity It described them as “compatible” with the 2018 CAP reform proposal. ComAgri has asked for […]

New Breeding techniques: UK Parliament & USA go forward

In May, the European Union unveiled its Farm to Fork strategy, the agri-food component of its Green Deal. Genetic engineering is timidly included, with reference to the European Commission’s ongoing study on the potential of new genomic techniques to improve sustainability throughout the food supply chain. In the United Kingdom, the Parliament is lobbying the […]