Developments in the debate of lab-grown meat is happening around Brussels, with the first event on the topic hosted by MEPs in the EU Parliament: while the producers, NGOs, and, it seems, the Commission to some extent support this technology, farmers and consumers are sceptic about the benefits that this product could bring to the […]


While the debate on New Genomic Techniques in the EU continues, with European institutions and member states taking clearer positions on the topic – Italian MEPs pledge for the support of the revision of the legislation so to ease the application of new genomic methods for plant breeding; the Italian low Chamber stared formal discussions […]


The new Czech Presidency of the Council clearly adopted a different approach on the Farm to Fork strategy compared to previous presidencies: in light of the war in Ukraine and its consequences on the world’s food security, it intends to slow down the process of reform. At the same time, however, Health Commissioner Kyriakides presented […]

Vote on deforestation of the ENVI Committee : a positive step forward that can be further improved

Today, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament adopted the report of Mr Hansen on imported deforestation. Farm Europe welcomes the work and additions made by the Environment Committee and their colleagues from the AGRI Committee to the initial proposal from the European Commission.  Nevertheless, the ENVI Committee could have been more ambitious when it […]

NUTRITION & HEALTH : Monthly news

Cultured meat is developing strategy to gain attention from business, consumers, and regulators.  In the UK, the parliament was asked to adopt a more open legislative approach towards this technology, in Japan a company of the sector developed a method to reduce costs in feeding cells, whereas in the US a company is building the largest […]

New genomic Techniques: monthly news

While the UK is adapting to implement the Precision Breeding bill that will allow for less strict regulation of genome editing, the European Committee on agriculture discussed with the Commission the state of the art of the revision of the EU legislation. The representative of DG SANTE said that the current legislation does not consider […]

Farm to Fork Strategy: monthly newsletter

After several months of delay compared to the original publication date, the Commission published its legislative proposal for a revision of the sustainable use of pesticides directive, in order to make the F2F target of reduction of these products legally binding, but having the member states to find ways of applying it. Despite some member […]


The economic impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war continues to cause concern. The livestock sector is bearing the brunt of the general price increase, with energy costs and rising feed and fertiliser costs particularly affecting the sector.  World dairy prices have recently fallen. This decline follows high price levels, and is also partly due to disposal problems in […]

WINE NEWS: Wine fairs & new French minister

In May, lot of new reports came out for countries such as the US, Australia or France calculating the change in their wine production and export showing a sector bouncing back compared to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. In France, Marc Fesneau became the new minister in charge of the wine sector, while […]