ITALY: CAP Strategic Plan 2023-27

January 2022 Strategic priorities: organic farming and livestock  The Plan recognizes the importance of organic farming to contribute to the achievement of all environmental objectives; indeed, the sector is allocated about 2.5 billion euro in the five-year period within the rural development. The allocation already foreseen by rural development (1.5 billion euros) is in fact […]

LIVESTOCK IN THE EU – Periodic news

Rising production costs for all agricultural sectors, particularly livestock, are a concern. Many sectors are demanding higher producer prices and improved farm incomes.  Opportunities have developed for some UK livestock sectors as a result of Brexit. In Ireland, however, the vote by MEPs to ban the transport of very young animals is described as a […]


During the last reunion of the year of the Environmental Council of the EU, Ministers showed to be more resistant to modification of the current GMO legislation, notably in a note advanced by the Austrian delegation calling on the precautionary principle to be applied. At the same time, the Commission still reiterates its commitment to […]

The new German government coalition’s agricultural plans

Germany sets course for digital progress, animal welfare, organic farming and the post-2027 CAP Following trilateral negotiations between the Socialists, the Greens and the Liberals (FDP), a 178-pages coalition agreement has been presented, paving the way for a new German government led by the red/green/yellow coalition. An important part of this programme is devoted to […]

NEW GENOMIC TECHNIQUES: Green Minister in Germany

In November the negotiations talks on the new government coalition in Germany brought their fruits and a new German agriculture minister from the Green Party, Cem Özdemir, has been confirmed. In the coalitions’ agreement the topic of genetic engineering does not seem to be a priority.  On the other side of the Atlantic, the US […]

EU Soil Strategy for 2030 – 
Reaping the benefits of healthy soils for people, food, nature & climate

On November 17, 2021, the European Commission published the EU Soil Strategy for 2030, a non-legislative document that addresses the issue of soil health. It is a document that outlines a framework and voluntary or legally binding actions that the Commission intends to undertake to protect, restore and sustainably use European soil. The strategy concretely […]

Wine news: trends are confirmed

November 2021 was characterized by a strong increase in the price of fine wines, with several records broken. The trends already observed in previous months: rising sales prices, rising costs, and falling production volumes are confirmed. Political issues, both external with several forms of protectionism, and internal with a shifting legislative framework remain important to […]