Wine Sector: Calls for aid after severe frosts and discussion of de-alcoholisation of wines

The month of May 2021 was marked by repeated calls for aid measures from countries affected by the frosts in March and April. In particular Italy, France and Greece asked the European Commission for appropriate aid. Moreover, the Council of Ministers outlined a proposal (as part of the CAP reform) envisaging the authorisation of the […]


The second SuperTrilogue at the end of May was supposed to bring together the co-legislators on the open points of discussion in the CAP negotiations. However, positions on fundamental points (green architecture, crisis reserve, social conditionality, etc.) were too far apart. Now, the Presidency of the Council foresees a deal for the end of next […]

Nutrition & food policies: Spain Parliament postpones the implementation of NutriScore

During May 2021, the Spanish Parliament postponed the introduction of mandatory FOPL until a decision is taken at the EU level, while Germany released its 2021 nutrition report. In the UK, multinational Kellogg committed to reduce its products’ sugar content in the European market while a law that restricts the promotion of junk food has […]

New Genomic Techniques: regulatory implications of the last Commission’s report

May 27th, 2021 Press Release by Farm Europe Farm Europe discussed, today, the regulatory implications of the last report (1) presented by the European Commission on the status of new genomic techniques (NGT), during a digital event that gathered representatives from EU institutions and scientists. The opinion that the current regulatory framework needs to be […]

Nutrition policies: Germany regulates food advertisement for children

The Regulation on transparency became effective since March 2021. It is supposed to improve the transparency of the risk assessment process that involves food approval. On the Front of Package Label, Italian agriculture minister took a clear/cut position against the NutriScore, defining it “idiot”. A member of the Wojciechowski cabinet also took a public position […]