Agri-fish Council: Focus on the discussion on post 2020 CAP reform package& Regulations for Cap transitional rules

In a nutshell: -CAP Reform Package  —>  The Presidency recalled that delegations to the Council in July were mostly in favor of an increased environmental and climate ambition, accompanied by sufficient funding, a reduced administrative burden for all and a sufficiently flexible agricultural policy to take into account the specificities of MS. The Presidency therefore proposes […]

Wine sector: US retaliation on the back

1) This month started with the WTO announcement on 2 October over the U.S-EU Airbus subsidies case. The U.S. has been given the right to request a total amount of $7.5 billion (annually) equal to 6.9 billion euro incountermeasures with respect to the European Union and some EU member states, with October 18 as the […]

Agri-Fish Council – Focus on the Discussion on Post 2020 CAP reform package

In a nutshell: —> The Finnish Presidency‘s intention is to pursue the technical discussion & the two forthcoming ‘Agriculture and Fisheries Council’ meetings in November and December to discuss the higher environmental ambition of the CAP and the New Delivery Model. Furthermore, the Presidency intends to present updated drafting suggestions on all three Regulations by early December;   —> On […]