Global Food Forum 2016
On a farm, close to Milan, ITALY
14/10/2016 10:00 - 15/10/2016 13:00
Organised by : Farm Europe in partnership with Confagricoltura
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  • 14 octobre 2016

    09h45 - 11h00
    • Opening session: The European Union and Agriculture: what ambition for the future?
    11h00 - 11h30
    • Coffee break
    11h30 - 13h00
    • The New faces of EU food systems, investing in the future.
    • The EU Budget and the CAP: results and efficiency
    13h00 - 14h00
    • Lunch buffet
    14h30 - 17h30

    Please rate from 1 (your first choice) to 5 your interest in the following topics to select the workshops :

    • Economic sustainability – « keeping agriculture all across the EU » : how to make this happen ?
    • Resilience : how to manage risks and cope with volatile markets
    • Food Chain : a new pathway to go beyond general statment to rebalance the supply chain ?
    • Nutrition : building efficient policy to secure the internal market and improve public health ?
    • Trade : the impact of Brexit ?
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  • 15 octobre 2016

    09h00 - 11h00
    • Climate and agriculture. The shift from a logic of opposition to a logic of synergy.
    11h15 - 13h00
    • Closing session - recommendations
    13h00 - 13h30
    • Concluding remarks
    • Press conference

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  • Non Member Farm Europe : 140€ + accommodation (for early subscription before 10th September 2016)
  • European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, Accredited Press : 0€

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We will come back to you with further details on the accommodation, and subscription fees in the coming days in order to finalise your subscription.
Please note that due to the limited capacity of the Forum to allow interaction and dialogue among the participants, priority will be given to Farm Europe's members
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The team Farm Europe

Visuel webThe agri-food sector is at the crossroads between huge opportunities and massive pressure. Every single decision needs to be informed by a wide range of factors, where citizen expectations, breakthrough technologies and consumption patterns in developed but also in developing countries are only the tip of the iceberg. 

 To cope with these challenges we truly believe that we need a strong strategic vision both at world level and in the European Union, where we have a real responsibility, taking into account our contribution to global food security in Europe and abroad. 

The Global Food Forum will gather passionate political and business leaders willing to share insights on their vision, as well as on possible pathways for future developments, aiming to enhance both economic performance and environmental sustainability around 250 participants representing key influencers of the EU debate will participate, including many MEPs and Ministers that already support this initiative.

The programme will be a set of conference and workshops in casual settings around 4 key questions:

  • The Common Agricultural Policy: a need for overhaul ?
  • EU Climate goals: implications for EU food systems ?
  • From food waste to nutrition: how to build a sustainable food chain?
  • Geeks vs Fears: how to reconcile innovation and tradition?

Join the conversation with :


  • Mario Guidi, President of Confagricoltura and of the Global Food Forum 2016 ;
  • Joseph Daul, President of the EPP ;
  • Maurizio Martina, Minister for the agriculture, food and forestry policy ;
  • Gian-Luca Galletti, Minister for the environment ;
  • Mairead Mc Guinness, Vice-President of the European Parliament ;
  • Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Parliament ;
  • Jerzy Plewa, Director General at the European Commission
  • Xavier Beulin, President of FNSEA ;
  • Dr Klaus-Dieter Schumacher, Advisor to the CEO, BayWa AG ;
  • Jean-Yves Dages, CEO of Groupama ;
  • Antti Sahi, Secretary General of the Finish Farmers Organisation (MTK)
  • Daniel Coulonval, former President of the FWA (Belgium Farmers Organisation) ;
  • Jean Arthuis, President of the Budget Committee of the European Parliament ;
  • Paolo de Castro, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Michel Dantin, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Herbert Dorfmann, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Pr Jean Cordier, AgroCampus Ouest
  • Artur Runge-Metzger, Director at the European Commission ;
  • Angélique Delahaye, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Pierre Bascou, Director at the European Commission ;
  • Marion Guillou, President of Agreenium ;
  • Tom Hind, Chief Strategy at Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board ;
  • Flavio Coturni, Head of Unit at the European Commission ;
  • Jean-Michel Geeraert, Director at Pacifica ;
  • Eric Sievers, CEO of Pannonia Ethanol ;
  • Philippe Ruelle, CEO of Fruidor ;
  • Jean-François Brouard, Vice-President of La Financière Agricole du Québec ;
  • Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, Director General at the French Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Aidan O’Driscoll, Secretary General at the Irish Ministry of Agriculture
  • Pilar Auyso, Member of the European Parliament ;
  • Eddy Punch, Secretary General at the Irish Cattle and Sheep Association ;

And many more active participants to be announced in the coming days.

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