EU agri-food sectors as front runners of EU future
The 4th Edition of the Global Food Forum will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of December in the European parliament (Brussels). An opportunity to draw orientations for the future of EU policies having an impact on EU agri-food systems including the Common Agricultural Policy.
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Posted on 06/11/2019 - By Farm Europe

1) This month started with the WTO announcement on 2 October over the U.S-EU Airbus subsidies case. The U.S. has been given the right to request a total amount of $7.5 billion (annually) equal to 6.9 billion euro incountermeasures with respect to the European Union and some EU member states, with October 18 as the […]

Posted on 16/10/2019 - By Farm Europe

In a nutshell: —> The Finnish Presidency‘s intention is to pursue the technical discussion & the two forthcoming ‘Agriculture and Fisheries Council’ meetings in November and December to discuss the higher environmental ambition of the CAP and the New Delivery Model. Furthermore, the Presidency intends to present updated drafting suggestions on all three Regulations by early December;   —> On […]


Global Food Forum 2019

European parliament, Brussels, du 02/12/2019 15:00 to 03/12/2019 12:00

In the current context of broad and lively discussions, Farm Europe is pleased to invite you to the 4th edition of the Global Food Forum, on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels, at the heart of the EU policymaking process. The Global Food Forum gathers each […]


6th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture

Athens, Greece, du 25/10/2019 08:00 to 25/10/2019 17:30
Potential impact of a proposal of CAP 1st pillar aids based on AWU across the EU
Blog - Posted on 29/10/2019 - By Farm Europe

A department reporting to the French Prime minister tabled last week a report proposing to consider a switch from 1st pillar aids per ha to a payment per AWU (and eventually the remaining part of the 1st pillar budget per ha). It suggested a 8000 €/AWU which would not be doable in any case as it would […]

Will Eating Good Quality Healthy Food Become a Privilege in Europe ?
Blog - Posted on 25/10/2019 - By Farm Europe

“Consumers today want it all: healthy, tasty, convenient, sustainable and affordable food. Sustainability and traceability are key requirements but very few shoppers are ready to pay a premium for these new benefits. People switch brands and products for sustainability and traceability reasons but these additional features comes with additional costs and do not bring any […]