Food sovereignty, climate & biodiversity must not be on a collision course, on the contrary. The war in Ukraine shed lights on the food security challenge. More than ever the Farm to Fork strategy must integrate both food & environmental ambitions.
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Posted on 05/09/2023 - By Farm Europe

Highlights of July-August: – The wine industry and a number of producer Member States have reacted strongly to the additional impact assessment published by the Commission on the effects of its proposed SUR regulation on pesticides on European production. – Following authorisation from the European Commission, the crisis distillation measure has been implemented in a […]

Posted on 04/09/2023 - By Farm Europe

The European elections scheduled for June 2024 are already influencing policy-making in the European Union. Any directives or regulations that are not approved before April 2024 will depend on the future composition of the Parliament and the new Commission. The impact assessment on the recast of the animal welfare rules has been approved by the […]


ScaleAgData kickoff meeting

Leuven, du 24/01/2023 10:00 to 27/01/2023 10:00

Farm Europe participated at the kickoff meeting of the ScaleAgData¬†Horizon Europe research project, which aims to create better data products & services by combining farm sensor data and Earth observation (EO) data. An underexploited source of data is generated by sensors used in agriculture, as they capture crucial information on the crops and the surrounding […]


BioMonitor4CAP Kickoff meeting: European Project on advanced biodiversity monitoring started

Bonn, du 11/12/2022 10:00 to 13/12/2022 13:00

BioMonitor4CAP is a research project aiming to develop advanced biodiversity monitoring to show which agricultural practices and policies work best at conserving farmland biodiversity. Twenty-three partner organisations from 10 European countries and Peru participate in this project funded through the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.¬† Agriculture covers around half of the European terrestrial land […]

Glyphosate: let’s not undermine the confidence in EU institutions, neither the internal market
Blog - Posted on 22/09/2023 - By Farm Europe

Farm Europe is often questioned on the issue of glyphosate. We do not currently have a team of scientists experts in assessing the health and environmental risks associated with plant protection products. We are therefore careful not to take a position on the quality of the work done by scientists and by the European Food […]

Leguminose: intercropping for sustainable agriculture
Blog - Posted on 08/06/2023 - By Farm Europe

LEGUMINOSE H20 research project is a European funded projects focused on intercropping practices. the LEGUMINOSE project aims at ensuring broad and various perspectives. Based on the policy analysis and workshops, Farm Europe will contribute to the team by providing a set of policy recommendations aimed to scale-up the intercropping practises across the EU