Food sovereignty, climate & biodiversity must not be on a collision course, on the contrary. The war in Ukraine shed lights on the food security challenge. More than ever the Farm to Fork strategy must integrate both food & environmental ambitions.
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Posted on 24/11/2022 - By Farm Europe

Farm Europe is happy to invite you to the next edition of the Global Food Forum, titled ‘Climate, nutrition, energy: European Agriculture on all fronts’. This event will feature 5 working sessions around some of the most relevant topics for today’s EU agri-food sector. Themes include the current and future financement of agriculture, the environmental & […]

Posted on 04/11/2022 - By Farm Europe

In the midst of the price and energy crisis and the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the food market, the Commission is about to publish a communication on fertilizers (on November 9th). According to some rumors, the Commission will call on national capitals to ensure supplies of gas for fertilizers manufacturers, and encourage to […]

Posted on 03/11/2022 - By Farm Europe

The European Commission’s short-term outlook – Autumn 2022 edition – shows that production of meat and dairy products in the European Union is expected to decline this year, and the following one.  Persistently high feed costs and African swine fever (ASF) continue to limit the growth of EU pigmeat production. Beef production is expected to […]


Global Food Forum 2022

on a farm close to Brussels, du 05/12/2022 16:00 to 06/12/2022 16:00

The consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic being still on farmers’ shoulders, a war broke out at the doorstep of Europe, causing suffering for those territories as well as in the EU. In parallel, the climate emergency did not rest, continuing to affect our lives as much as the environment. The consequences of these crises on farmers, […]



Rimini, du 09/11/2022 13:30 to 11/11/2022 12:00

As part of the PAPILLONS Horizon 2020 research project, Farm Europe has participated at the ECOMONDO this year. The ECOMONDO is a benchmark event in Europe for technological and industrial innovation with leading experts in the circular economy. PAPILLONS was invited by the European Commission to showcase its project at a cluster meeting with other […]

Fertilisers: a responsible strategy proposed in record time by the Commission
Blog - Posted on 21/11/2022 - By Farm Europe

On November 9th, the European Commission presented its proposal for a European strategy on fertilisers.
Prepared in record time by its agricultural services, it addresses both concerns on this subject – availability and price – and correctly points out to its most important issues.

More than €4.6 billion of national crisis measures in 2022
Blog - Posted on 02/11/2022 - By Farm Europe

The European agricultural sector has been severely affected by the Russian war in Ukraine. While various aid instruments have been made available to Member States to mitigate the effects of the war, Farm Europe warns on the lack of common approach. Market distortions are developing.