EU agri-food sectors as front runners of EU future
The 4th Edition of the Global Food Forum took place on the 2nd and 3rd of December in the European parliament (Brussels). An opportunity to draw orientations for the future of EU policies having an impact on EU agri-food systems including the Common Agricultural Policy.
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Posted on 27/05/2020 - By Farm Europe

CAP budget proposal 2021-2027   A total decrease of – 8% (1st & 2nd pillar and recovery plan),  With -31 billion € less: A proposal suggesting that the agricultural sectors should only rely on themselves   Brussels, 27 May 2020   Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today presented her proposals for a revised EU […]

Posted on 20/05/2020 - By Farm Europe

The European Commission has published today its Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and its ‘Farm to Fork’ Strategy. In line with the Green Deal, these are presented as a roadmap for further initiatives on preserving and protecting biodiversity and on designing a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system. Farm Europe welcomes a strategical thinking on the […]

Posted on 15/05/2020 - By Farm Europe

Guided by Croatia’s Agriculture Minister Marija Vučković, delegations held an exchange of views on measures already taken to counteract the impact of the virus as well as possible future actions at national & European level. European Agriculture & Fisheries Ministers called on the European Commission to table a second package of exceptional market measures to […]

Posted on 08/05/2020 - By Farm Europe

At the urging of the European Parliament and the Ministers of the Member States, the European Commission announced on 22 April a package of exceptional measures to intervene on the markets, in addition to the technical and administrative measures adopted. While the delegated acts for the application of these measures are being drawn up, the […]


Innovative Breeding Techniques: the crucial role of sustainable farming to achieve the Green Deal ambitions

European Parliament, Brussels, room ASP3H1, du 03/03/2020 14:30 to 03/03/2020 16:30

This event Innovative Breeding Techniques: the crucial role of sustainable farming to achieve the Green Deal ambitions organised by Agriculture & Progress will take place under the patronage of MEP Paolo De Castro (S&D).    


POSTPONED – Seizing the available tools for the EU to develop winning strategies to halt deforestation

European Parliament, Brussels, du 25/03/2020 18:00 to 25/03/2020 20:00

Due to the recent developments in the situation with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we regrettably have decided to postpone the event « Seizing the available tools for the European Union to develop winning strategies to halt deforestation » originally scheduled to take place in the European Parliament on the 25th March. The health and safety of […]

Blog - Posted on 07/05/2020 - By Horacio Aleman

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult to focus on anything else than crisis management. Member States, European Institutions, Trade Associations, are all struggling with urgent problems, and under those circumstances it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. Maybe it´s too early to try to draw any firm conclusion […]

Blog - Posted on 06/05/2020 - By Farm Europe

Readers might think that they have already read about this, but the fact is that in the US a new layer of support to help agriculture cope with the Covid-19 crisis was launched this week. This support package is the third since the beginning of the crisis, so yes you have read about increased support […]