EU Summit: Producers & consumers have high expectations

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Brussels, 21st March 2024  –  Food and agriculture are at the centre of the meeting of the European Council,  taking place in Brussels today and tomorrow. In the invitation letter to the Council, President Charles Michel,  states that “European farmers have voiced their concerns loud and clear”. Therefore leaders  “need to act decisively on the challenges they face. This means taking stock of the work carried out so far and ensuring that progress is made without delay, particularly with regard to the position of farmers in the food supply chain and to fair competition, both within the internal market and globally”.

“Not only producers but also consumers are paying special attention to this European Council’s meeting and have high expectations about the outcomes – declares Luigi Scordamaglia, President of Eat Europe, who is in Brussels today – as the strategic choices of the EU Heads of Government and State will impact significantly the possibility for both the farmers to produce and the consumers to have access to safe, nutritious food that contributes to achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability”.

Cutting CAP-related red tape, strengthening the position of farmers in the food chain, ensuring fair competition worldwide, while taking into account the impact on global food security, and ensuring authentic reciprocity in international trade benefits are necessary steps to make sure that European consumers can continue to benefit of the highest food safety and environmental standards.

Eat Europe is committed to working across the food value chain with all actors, from producers to consumers, and with the EU institutions to drive a sustainable and resilient transformation, tabling solutions anchored in pragmatic dialogue and consensus building, for the future of our European food model.

About Eat Europe – Eat Europe is a new European organisation, aiming at driving a sustainable and resilient food systems’ transformation, through an innovative and solid alliance between all actors in Europe: farmers, industry, retailers, academia, and consumers.  Inquiries at