NUTRITION & HEALTH : the push of synthetic food to scale up

In Asia, several countries have adopted – or are about to adopt – nutritional labelling solutions, such as Japan, where the government introduced a voluntary scheme for alcoholic beverages, or in Singapore, where beverages industries adopted the ‘Nutri-Grade’ to inform consumers about the nutritional quality of the beverage. Meanwhile, research in China shows that Chinese […]

New Genomic Techniques: the UK moves forward

During the Queen’s speech in the UK, a definitive opening towards gene-edited was assured by the government and the Queen herself. At the same time, Argentina allows the commercialization of trans-genic wheat, and Egypt starts the firs harvest of a salinity-resistant wheat. In the EU, the Commission opened for public consultation on the legislative initiative […]

Nutrient profiles: EFSA cautiously avoids to give an opinion on the Nutriscore

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) released its scientific opinion on the guidelines for nutrient profiling, i.e., “the classification of food based on their nutritional composition for specific purposes”. This opinion aims to set the scientific basis for the set up a harmonized European front-of-pack labelling system (FOPL). But the European agency states it in a very […]


The crisis in Ukraine and its geopolitical consequences are leading to an increase in feed prices, production costs, energy and gas costs, which is putting a strain on European livestock farms. States continue to provide emergency aid to support farmers. Spain, which is particularly concerned by the consequences for monogastric farms, has set up several […]


In April, the OIV has presented the latest state of play on the wine market with the recent trends in consumption, production and trade on both hemispheres. At the same time, France was hit once again by another spring frost this year cause headache to some of its winemakers. Furthermore, newly re-elected French President Emmanuel […]

NUTRITION & Health POLICIES: EFSA’s opinion on nutrient-profiling for future FOP label

EFSA has published its final scientific opinion on nutrient profiling, an opinion that will influence the dossier of the front-of-package labelling initiative that the Commission is supposed to advance during the third semester of 2022. Furthermore, the same EU agency approved for human consumption a ‘novel food’ consisting in new protein-rich supplement.  While a study […]


The crisis in Ukraine is having a major impact on the livestock sector, particularly through the rise in input prices and the shortage of certain feeds. The first consequences are higher production costs on all markets and higher inflation. Thus, not only farmers, but also processors in the sector and consumers are affected by this […]