FARM to FORK polices & initiatives

In her State of the Union address, President von der Leyen paid tribute to EU agriculture and farmers,and called for a strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture. That same month, the EPP organised a conference on agriculture, while the Greens reiterated theiropposition to the NGT plan during a webinar on “GMO-free Europe” and TP Organics […]

Harvest marked by mildew attacks

Highlights of July-August: – The wine industry and a number of producer Member States have reacted strongly to the additional impact assessment published by the Commission on the effects of its proposed SUR regulation on pesticides on European production. – Following authorisation from the European Commission, the crisis distillation measure has been implemented in a […]

Laboratory meat: worse for the climate

The European elections scheduled for June 2024 are already influencing policy-making in the European Union. Any directives or regulations that are not approved before April 2024 will depend on the future composition of the Parliament and the new Commission. The impact assessment on the recast of the animal welfare rules has been approved by the […]


The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has adopted its position on the proposed revision of the IED Directive. The thresholds adopted by MEPs are: 200 LU for pigs and poultry, 250 LU for mixed farms and 300 LU for cattle, with extensive livestock farming excluded. For the record, the EP’s Agriculture Committee had excluded ruminant livestock […]