FICHE BIOFUELS AND AGRICULTURE Biofuels produced from EU feedstock (mostly from colza, maize , sugar beet and wheat) generates at least 6.6 billion euros of direct revenue for EU farmers. In addition, the bioethanol industry is said to have created70 000 direct and indirect jobs since the EU introduced its biofuels policy, while thebiodiesel sector […]

Ursula von der Leyen – political guidelines

 16/07/2019   Ursula von der Leyen   On 16 July 2019, Ursula von der Leyen (DE, EPP), the designated Candidate for President of the European Commission – chosen and backed by the European Council, presented her political guidelines for the upcoming five years to the Members of European Parliament. In it she has made promises to win […]

National plans for Energy and Climate must match EU ambitions and targets

Brussels, 12 June 2019 Governments can craft appropriate frameworks under Effort Sharing Regulations – the National plans for Climate and Energy to be approved by the European Commission should match the overall EU ambition – agricultural sources of energy (biofuels and biogas) are existing and cost effective solutions that can go along with sustainable electricity […]

A renewed Crisis reserve proposed by the EP Agricultural Committee

The Member of the Agricultural Committee voted today the Horizontal Regulation which is the cornerstone of the reform package of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) proposed by the Commission. Farm Europe is delighted to see that the concept of a new agricultural reserve, well funded and more reactive, has been endorsed by the EP Committee by a wide majority. Such a crisis reserve financed with […]

CAP reform: a positive step forward by EP Agricultural Committee

The Members of the agricultural committee of the European Parliament adopted today the two first reports on the Common Agricultural Policy reform. Farm Europe welcomes these votes which significantly improve the initial proposal of the European Commission. Despite the tight schedule, the Committee gave a strong orientation to the next CAP, striking the right balance […]

Farm Europe welcomes Coldiretti as a partner representing Italian farmers

Coldiretti, the largest representative organisation of Italian farmers, decided to join Farm Europe as of 1st April 2019. Farm Europe welcomes this decision which will strengthen the capacity of the think tank to develop forward looking policy paths for the future of EU food systems. Working in close cooperation with other Farm Europe’s Partners and Members, […]