CAP Negotiations – Council position on the management of the CAP 2023-27: Consequences on the future of the CAP and the level of direct aids received by farmers

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February 2021

Faced with a CAP reform proposal put forward by the Commission and proposing to fundamentally change the way the CAP operates and is managed, the European Parliament and the Council of Agriculture Ministers have adopted very different positions.

Advocating for a CAP that also remains common in its management, the European Parliament has come up against the Council, which has adopted a position inducing 27 CAPs whose management would be the exclusive responsibility of the Member States, with little Commission’s oversight, with strong flexibility in terms of the assessment of environmental and economic performance that the Commission would limit itself to making.

This conception of tomorrow’s CAP would mark a one-way inflection likely to jeopardize not only the post-2027 CAP, but also the level of direct aid that farmers could receive from 2023 onward.

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