CAP REFORM NEGOTIATIONS: super-trilogue saves the “C” of the CAP

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March has seen many institutional meetings concerning the CAP negotiations that led, eventually, closer to a general agreement between Council and Parliament. In fact, EP Agricultural Commission discussed the advancement in trilogues, as did the Minsters, before the end-of-the-month “Super-trilogue” which resembled the negotiating teams of all three legislative files at once. The outcomes resulted in agreements on control system & indicators, deviation rate on convergence, sanctions on cross-compliance, performance assessment, and on the wine sector. Nevertheless, percentages of distribution of funds between pillars, capping, degressivity, the definition of eco-schemes, active, young, new, and small farmers, green architecture & social conditionality are some of the topics that co-legislators still have to agree upon.

In the meantime, the Commission published its guidelines on the support of the Organic farming sector: a roadmap that lays out the action the EU executive intends to implement in order to reach the Farm To Fork target of 25% of organic farming land in the Eu by 2030. Commissioner Wojciechowski, answering to a Council’s demand, assured that DG AGRI services are working on an Impact Assessment of the Green Deal’s impacts on the agri-food.

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