Farm Europe is delighted to welcome CONFAGRICOLTURA

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ROME, 26.06.2015. Today, Mario GUIDI, president of Confagricoltura, finalised the organisation’s FARM EUROPE membership.

On finalising Confagricoltura’s Farm Europe membership, Mr. GUIDI said: “Italian agriculture, as with all European agriculture, requires ambitious policies led by Brussels. It can not be satisfied with a weak consensus and no real strategy or economic ambition. Europe needs to take into account all dimensions of agriculture, which is, and will remain, a central pillar of the European economy. It is urgent to address the economic challenges faced by agricultural industries and to consider future developments of the CAP, submitting truly ambitious ideas on the subject. Today, at European level, the decision-making process is much longer than it has previously been. If we want an ambitious CAP tomorrow, the work must start now and be supported by strong arguments. It is in this spirit that Confagricoltura will work closely with Farm Europe to stimulate thinking, particularly on issues related to innovation and exports, which are two essential keys to future growth. ”

Yves Madre, co-founder of Farm Europe added: “We welcome Confagricoltura as a new member and major contributor to the think tank. This cooperation enables Farm Europe to gather agricultural expertise from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea. Future agricultural policy tools, at European level, should tackle all of the economic problems farmers are facing if we want Europe to keep its leading position in the world.”

Launched on the 29th of April, the think tank Farm Europe aims to develop thinking on effective solutions to unlock political levers so as to increase both the competitiveness and the sustainability of the European agricultural and food sector and to participate in debates with forward looking proposals. Farm Europe’s team builds upon the economic and technical expertise of the organisation’s members so as to cover all policy fields that impact rural economies, with a particular focus on agricultural and food policies, the Common Agricultural Policy, as well as food standards, the food chain, the environment, energy and trade-related issues.

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