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During May 2023, the European People’s Party took the lead in the EP in order to reject proposed regulation on nature restoration, citing concerns about food security and economic viability. It succeeded in achieving rejection of the proposed regulation in COMAGRI and in COMPECH. In the meantime, the European Parliament released a report emphasising the need for collective action to ensure food security and address global challenges in the agri-food sector. Finally, Commission Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans has defended in COMAGRI the proposed Nature Restoration Law, emphasising its benefits for farmers and the importance of addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis, without convincing most of the Comagri’s MEPs.

Spain has appealed to the EU Commission for assistance in dealing with a severe drought that is affecting the country’s agricultural sector. In parallel, various stakeholders in the food chain have called for the development of a new EU framework legislation on sustainable food systems.

The European Food Safety Authority has released animal welfare recommendations, and the Economic & Financial Affairs Council has given final approval to a regulation on the trade of commodities associated with deforestation.

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