Negotiations for the EU budget: the agreement will wait until 2020

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Whether only three of them meeting in an informal way or all gathered in the Council of the EU, the majority of the agriculture ministers of the Member States continue to plead for the maintenance of the budget of the CAP in the future Multiannual Financial Framework. On the side of the European Parliament, the new legislature confirmed the position of the previous one for a strong contribution of the Member States to the Community budget. The Commission has noted the impossibility of an agreement on the MFF by the end of the year.


October: highlights in chronology

07/10 Meeting of the German, Polish and French Ministers

08/10 Warning cry for cohesion policy and EAFRD

09/10 Commission calls to decide on the EU budget

10/10 The new legislature of the European Parliament confirms the position of the outgoing parliament

14/10 The joint declaration presented to the Agriculture and Fisheries Council

18/10 Precise Negotiating Framework Required for December Summit

28/10 Concerns of member states’ parliaments at the Helsinki meeting

30/10 No agreement on the future MFF in 2019


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