Opening of the European Wine Day 2023 in Toulouse

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Today, Toulouse, the European capital of European wine in 2023, hosts ‘The Soul of Europe,’ the first edition of European Wine Day. Political leaders, economists, researchers, and representatives from across Europe are gathering to engage in discussions about the future of European and French wine sectors, as well as the role of wine in today’s and tomorrow’s European society.

The event will be marked by three insightful panel discussions. The first will focus on the agronomic transition of the European wine sector, considering stricter environmental regulations and the imperatives linked to climate change. The second will delve into the significance of wine in our societies, while the third will explore the evolution of wine consumption in Europe and globally, addressing both volumes and preferences.

European Wine Day is the result of a collaborative effort between four key players in the industry, each contributing a unique perspective: the think tank Farm Europe, the Cooperative Winemakers of France, the interprofessional organization of South-West Wines (IVSO), and the Assembly of European Wine Regions (AREV).

Building on the themes discussed in this high level event, it is clear that a united effort is required to navigate the path toward a sustainable and thriving European wine industry. By recognizing the challenges and opportunities presented by environmental shifts and changing consumer habits, we can collectively shape an innovative and prosperous future for this vital sector