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FOOD CHAIN - 13 April 2022


by Farm Europe

The crisis in Ukraine is having a major impact on the livestock sector, particularly through the rise in input prices and the shortage of certain feeds. The first consequences are higher production costs on all markets and higher inflation. Thus, not only farmers, but also processors in the sector and consumers are affected by this crisis.

To address these economic consequences, the European Commission presented an action emergency plan with short- and medium-term actions on March, 23rd.

In the livestock sector, several measures are being considered taking into account climate issues. In particular, Germany has made progress on the mandatory labelling of livestock products, which it intends to introduce this year.

The consequences of the Commission’s proposal to extend the IED (Industrial Emissions Directive) to the European level, in particular for a large number of livestock farms, are being debated and have yet to be measured.

Nutritional recommendations remain a concern for the livestock sector. The results of a study on the consumption of red meat are highly debated and an Italian association is contesting the Nutri-score system, which, judged to be ‘too simple’, risks devaluing certain products, including PDO cheeses.

Finally, following the approval of the report on animal welfare by the European Parliament, the results of a Commission consultation are feeding into possible future developments in the harmonisation of animal welfare rules in the EU.

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Written by Farm Europe