The recent agreement between the European Commission and the UK on the first phase of the Brexit negotiations is good news. Assuming that Brexit is not reversible, having the best possible understanding on the future relationship is in the interest of the EU27 and its agri-food sector. The agreement on the first phase opens up […]

“The future of agriculture and food” deserves better than a technocratic discussion about a proposal to renationalize

  PRESS RELEASE 29 November, 2017 The “New Delivery Mechanism”, which is central in the European Commission’s communication on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), presented on 29 November, would pave the way for a lesser role for Europe, greater complexity for national administration, competition distorsions for economic actors and less efficiency when […]

A promising step forward in the debate on the Renewable Energy Directive

Farm Europe’s Green Energy Platfrom welcomes the opinion approved yesterday by the agricultural committee of the European Parliament on the Renewable Energy Directive. This opinion, going beyond ideology and traditional political barriers is a clear recognition of the capacity of the European Agricultural sector to act as a sustainable energy provider. It’s a positive signal […]

Farm Europe launches the Green Energy Platform

Today, Farm Europe launched the Green Energy Platform gathering leading companies from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden willing to reflect and promote the sustainable contribution of agriculture and related industry to the energy challenge. The platform, mobilising key actors of the EU sourced biofuels sector, will be an active contributor to the debate […]

Biofuels “Made in Europe” delivers concrete and tangible solutions to reduce emissions

Speech at Euractiv Biofuel’s event  In a few minutes, I will not develop all the science, arguments and figures on the positive impacts of EU sourced biofuels for the EU from both an economic, environmental and rural development point of view. This has been done many times without changing the « accepted wisdom » of many in Brussels on biofuels, […]

NBTs: What are we talking about?

Today, Farm Europe organized and hosted a discussion on New Plant-Breeding Breeding Techniques.  This event has been an opportunity to better understand the potential risks and benefits of the new plant breeding techniques, thanks to a direct discussion with well-known scientists. This debate’s aim was to shed light on the challenges in relation to the ongoing discussions around the […]