Farm Europe launches the Green Energy Platform

Today, Farm Europe launched the Green Energy Platform gathering leading companies from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden willing to reflect and promote the sustainable contribution of agriculture and related industry to the energy challenge. The platform, mobilising key actors of the EU sourced biofuels sector, will be an active contributor to the debate […]

Biofuels “Made in Europe” delivers concrete and tangible solutions to reduce emissions

Speech at Euractiv Biofuel’s event  In a few minutes, I will not develop all the science, arguments and figures on the positive impacts of EU sourced biofuels for the EU from both an economic, environmental and rural development point of view. This has been done many times without changing the « accepted wisdom » of many in Brussels on biofuels, […]

NBTs: What are we talking about?

Today, Farm Europe organized and hosted a discussion on New Plant-Breeding Breeding Techniques.  This event has been an opportunity to better understand the potential risks and benefits of the new plant breeding techniques, thanks to a direct discussion with well-known scientists. This debate’s aim was to shed light on the challenges in relation to the ongoing discussions around the […]

MEPs propose a more efficient CAP starting from 2018

Faced with a timid attitude adopted by the Ministers of Agriculture, MEPs took stock of their responsibilities and decided to make the most of the possibility offered by the “Omnibus” to propose common sense adjustments to the Common Agricultural Policy. The decisive approach suggested by the report of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and […]


Michel Barnier, the European Commission lead Brexit negotiator, participated today in a breakfast-debate in Farm Europe on the challenges of Brexit to the EU at large, and in particular to the EU agri-food sector. As highlighted in Farm Europe’s report, Brexit will have a powerful impact on the EU agri-food sector, under any of the possible […]


In the context of the 2007 dispute between the French Competition Authority and the association of producers selling endives as well as other operators, the French Court of Cassation filed a complaint with the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) about the capacity of these organisations, producers, associations of producers’ organizations and other operators […]


Dark clouds are gathering over the horizon, and they are not promising healthy showers. They rather risk bringing a storm that is gaining strength around the new US Administration intentions. A border adjustment tax, or an internal revenue tax mechanism, is being considered to promote exports and tax imports. Another tool being examined would tackle […]

Forging a new ambition for the EU livestock sector

Brussels, 21st March 2017 – Today, Farm Europe organized a discussion on the “Future of the EU livestock sector – The way forward”, at the European Parliament under the patronage of Vice President Mairead McGuinness and Michel Dantin, MEP. The European beef sector is one of the most important agri-food sectors in Europe. It is characterized by great diversity and it is […]