A project with a view

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“You have a great project, I have a great office location”.

This is how we found a wonderful location for Farm Europe – at 9 Rond-Point Schuman. Actually, after putting down the phone, we realized that we hadn’t told Marion (our new landlord) anything at all about Farm Europe ! Meeting such guardian angels is a good example of how things have progressed as we have developed the think tank, as well as of how easy it is for people talk to each other in Brussels!

How did we get here ?

Well, we embarked on a “Tour d’Europe” to develop the concept, to find partners and to test our initial feeling that a real need for a new forum devoted exclusively to reflection on the EU’s agricultural policy does indeed exist. The future of our food & of our rural areas deserves no less ! And from the four corners of Europe we have received the same feedback : we do need a new forum to connect people interested in a pro-European project for food and agriculture – a place where participants can transcend divisions over ‘technicalities’ – a place where it is possible to take the time to focus together on what the future of EU food systems should look like and on how EU policy can help.

This is what Farm Europe is about.

We would like to express our gratitude to all those who have believed in this initiative from its very beginning, to all those who have shared their ideas, advice and ambition with us. Our door is open to anyone who wishes to make a contribution to the future of the Common Agricultural Policy – and to all the EU’s policies that affect our food and our farming sector – including human and plant health issues, energy, climate, trade, and so on.

Farm Europe’s expertise will grow as its network of members and partners expands.

Together, let’s forge our future, let’s reconcile ambition and realism, let’s develop ideas and share them, let’s rise to the challenge !