Will Eating Good Quality Healthy Food Become a Privilege in Europe ?

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“Consumers today want it all: healthy, tasty, convenient, sustainable and affordable food. Sustainability and traceability are key requirements but very few shoppers are ready to pay a premium for these new benefits. People switch brands and products for sustainability and traceability reasons but these additional features comes with additional costs and do not bring any value.

This requires a value chain and business model overhaul. Otherwise, eating good quality healthy sustainable and traceable food will become a privilege of the happy few. Low income populations already massively suffer from diabetes and obesity in Europe…

There is an urgent need for all European food system actors, from regulators to farmers, including retail and food manufacturers, to work together.

They need to reconsider the way we farm, trade, eat and dispose of food with the help of innovative and consumer-centric solutions.”


This topic will be part of working sessions in the Global Food Forum 2019, EP, Brussels 2&3 December #EUGlobalFoodForum

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