Farm Europe launches the Green Energy Platform

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Today, Farm Europe launched the Green Energy Platform gathering leading companies from Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden willing to reflect and promote the sustainable contribution of agriculture and related industry to the energy challenge.

The platform, mobilising key actors of the EU sourced biofuels sector, will be an active contributor to the debate on the Renewable Energy Directive tabled by the European Commission in November 2016, that will start at the European Parliament in the coming days.

” Food, Fuels & Feed:

Agriculture is energy for life”

Building on Farm Europe report showing the strategic dimension of EU Crop Based biofuels, the platform will put forward concrete proposals in order to boost the contribution of EU agriculture to the EU climate agenda in the field of energy.

A special focus will be given on biofuels from EU feedstock that not only achieve important climate benefits at the lowest carbon abatement costs in the transport sector, but also reduce the EU’s protein deficit – thus enhancing global food security -, create jobs and wealth in rural areas, and are a source of income stabilization for struggling EU farmers.

The launch of the platform was announced during an event organized in the context of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

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