FARM to FORK polices & initiatives

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In her State of the Union address, President von der Leyen paid tribute to EU agriculture and farmers,and called for a strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture. That same month, the EPP organised a conference on agriculture, while the Greens reiterated theiropposition to the NGT plan during a webinar on “GMO-free Europe” and TP Organics emphasised therole of organic farming in ensuring food security. European Commission President Von der Leyen explored the possibility of using EU funds to helpGreece tackle climate challenges. Discussions on visions for rural areas and soil health lawscontinued in September, with MEPs arguing in favour of an extended derogation from GAEC inresponse to the difficulties and requests of several Member States. While the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister stressed the importance of the solidarity corridors for theeconomy, agriculture and food security, and expressed his gratitude for the EU’s support, Ukraine haslodged complaints with the WTO against Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, for the import bans imposedby the aforementioned countries, even though the ban decided at EU level has come to an end. A new FAO report raises concerns about the world’s progress towards meeting development goals, highlighting the essential role of agriculture in maintaining water supplies.