NUTRITION & Health POLICIES: EFSA’s opinion on nutrient-profiling for future FOP label

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EFSA has published its final scientific opinion on nutrient profiling, an opinion that will influence the dossier of the front-of-package labelling initiative that the Commission is supposed to advance during the third semester of 2022. Furthermore, the same EU agency approved for human consumption a ‘novel food’ consisting in new protein-rich supplement. 

While a study on the prices of fruit and vegetables finds out that consumers buy 15% less of them because of its 40% increased price compared to their marginal cost, in Germany, the federal minister is considering lowering to zero the VAT on fruit and vegetable as a response to the increase in food prices and incentivize their consumption within the framework of an healthy diets. Meanwhile, the Commission has opened feedback on alcoholic beverages taxation.  

Outside the EU, Barbados has doubled its sugar-tax levy on soft drinks, and in the UK, the government has to deal with a legal case where it has been cited in court by Kellogg’s accused of illegally applying the rules on the restriction of HFSS foods. New research finds links between allulose/edulcorates and increased risk of cancer.   

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