WINE SECTOR: EU exceptional measures to absolutely reinforced

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Wine news continues to be marked in this April by the Covid-19 pandemic. Various associations, professional wine organizations (Italian, Spanish, French wine cooperatives, CEEV, EFOW) asked the European Union for help during this month of April following the Covid-19 pandemic.

At European level, the European Commission adopted a package of exceptional measures on the 22nd of April, notably to help the wine sector. On April 30, the Agriculture Commissioner acknowledged the inadequacy of the measures proposed during a meeting of the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee, without, however, presenting new ones.

The European Commission is announcing declining figures for wine consumption in the coming months.

Finally, at the global level, according to the OIV, low volumes are expected for 2020 in the majority of the countries of the southern hemisphere, with the exception of South Africa and Uruguay, following initial estimates of production.


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