Eat Europe welcomes Arianna Giuliodori as first Executive Director

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Brussels, 29th January 2024 – Eat Europe welcomes Arianna Giuliodori as first Executive Director. Her arrival marks the official launch of new operations for the recently born organisation, aiming at driving a sustainable and resilient food systems’ transformation, through an innovative and solid alliance between all actors in Europe: farmers, industry, retailers, academia, and consumers. 

Before joining Eat Europe, Arianna Giuliodori led the World Farmers’ Organisation as Secretary General from December 2017 to the end of 2023, achieving remarkable results in terms of governance, policy development and key partnerships, positioning farmers as key actors in all conversations about Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems, in particular during the United Nations Food Systems’ Summit and its implementation, representing food producers in the SENA (Stakeholder Engagement and Networking Advisory)  group.

“I am excited to join such an innovative organisation as Eat Europe, aiming at building bridges between producers and consumers. I am looking forward to embracing the great challenge of building trust in the food value chain, through forward-looking, daring partnerships, exploring new pathways and working with the members and the European institutions to contribute to a resilient and sustainable  EU Food Systems’ Transformation” declared Ms Giuliodori.

“The future of the European Food Systems and the values connected to food in our continent deserve a bold, pragmatic and innovative approach and need new alliances to thrive. This is what Eat Europe is committed to bring to the table in Brussels. A recognised international professional like Ms Giuliodori will boost our action and reinforce our operations” commented Luigi Scordamaglia, President of Eat Europe.

One of the key issues Eat Europe is tackling is securing healthy and sustainable diets for consumers. In this regard, the Global Food Forum that Farm Europe is organizing in Brussels on the 13th and 14th of February will offer the stage to Eat Europe, and Ms Giuliodori will moderate a panel on “Animal-based food: a key place for nutritional balance and sustainability”.