Farm Europe launches the Wine Institute, a section dedicated to the wine sector

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Today, Farm Europe launches its Wine Institute. This new section of the think tank will offer an arena for reflection and specific debate on issues relating to the future of the European wine sector.

The key ambition of the think tank will be to follow economic developments and to propose policy options to strengthen Europe’s leading position in this sector, which represents some 420 billion euros in sales across the globe.

With the new planting rights system put in place on 1 January 2016, the European wine sector enters into a new era in terms of managing the growth potential of different market segments across Europe. All economic actors have a common responsibility in making the new system sustainable, efficient, and effective.

The WI will follow ongoing developments while working actively on achieving coherence between the challenges and evolutions underway in the sector and the public policy put in place at European level – in particular trade and promotion tools, climate change, innovation, and labelling.