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FOOD CHAIN - 4 August 2022


by Farm Europe

Developments in the debate of lab-grown meat is happening around Brussels, with the first event on the topic hosted by MEPs in the EU Parliament: while the producers, NGOs, and, it seems, the Commission to some extent support this technology, farmers and consumers are sceptic about the benefits that this product could bring to the vision of the future of food. In the meantime, the UK identified alternative proteins as a strategic field where to invest for its long-term food strategy.

In answer to an Italian MEP, the Commission states that alternative milk products cannot be marketed as ‘milk’, but should be called in a way not to confuse consumers. On the same line, the South African authorities banned meaty names for vegetarian and vegan products.

On food labelling, the Italian competition authority expressed itself on the NutriScore, accusing the label to confuse consumers.

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Written by Farm Europe